Self Defend Techniques For Men::Self Defend for men

Self Defend Techniques For Men::Self Defend for men

Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

More increasing crime every day, one thing is sure that we have ability  to learn is how to self defend techniques for men in the danger situation keep calm down. This fight scenario may be encountered in the course of which we can not avoid thye are  incident like are  cases of mugging or other crime, we have know about based tecnique  for  safe  from threaten in order way that  Always told the warriors that if you had to choose between a sword and shield . This gives the sense that defense is more important than attacking there are nine self defend techniques for men can you  try  

1. Keep your hands above remain in position.:

 the fristh  is  always keep hands remain above! Why? Because when your hand in the above position can withstand any blow to the face and the face is an important part to be protected in a fight. With hands on the face shield in addition to functioning can also our protect

2. Drop your opponent to the ground:

Once the opponent falls to the ground, beat and can defeat is something very easy because we can use our legs and thick boots  to kick him and then when the opponent is on the ground we can netted one or two kicks then execute a plan to escape, in other words we can escape. If the opponent while on the ground, and he was about to stand up again, this will give us a bit of time with well . Do not ever let our opponent flopped to the ground or above it will happen to ourselves.

3. Shorten the distance:

Talking about boxing again, we note that when a boxer gets dr successive attacks his opponent, he will try to menenmpelkan himself as close as possible to the opponent? The reason, as we are close to the person who beat us, he would not have a full swing to hit kita.Semakin far distance, it will be increasingly hard blows that we receive. Try to avoid as much as possible that we can avoid.
4. Buy time / Take a breath / Keep cool:

Take a breath is very important in a battle . try to buy time so that we could take a breath and remain calm. Because when we are calm conditions, we can think clearly and be able to use our brains better. As said at the beginning, enemies drop to the ground, will give us a lot of time with ease.
5. First hit

When a fight is considered as proof, we have always scored hit first.
With a severe blow scored first would make the position of the opponent being able to survive and also to stop the course of a fight. And also if related to self-esteem, it is said that anyone who can punch scored first is the winner, although the later would receive more backlash. This tip may not always save us and techniques of attacking more than technique towards survive.

If we get hit, it's not an end:

 You're in a fight. You should know klo in a fight we will get hit. So, what will you do when exposed at? Think you're done? Not! In every fight, every person can be exposed to pukulan.Tiap people can fall. But people who can rise again, forgetting the pain will last until the end .Hal this is the most important technique and can knock our opponents stamina and patience.

7.Must prediction to opponent

  If we can predict the movement of the opponent, we can anticipate all of their movements. If we predict that will hit and avoid it, then the opponent we only end up wasting energy and we are not going to hurt at all.Also this will position us as one step ahead of the game pikiran.Lawan we will think twice before doing a movement because they think we will be able to circumvent this juga.Hal need a lot of attention and fokus.Tanpa attention, focus and reflexes, we can not use these tips.
8. Give a convincing first impression.:

The idea behind this tip is that we can put fear into the minds of our opponent if you ever see people with a weight of 100 kg and height nearly two meters have a problem with someone else?? Usually it does not happen because even though he's bad in a fight, there was no one who dared to interfere with him or challenged him to fight. The reason is because the impression or the impression that he had. We can also replicate it. Never lose eye contact. Although convinced that you will be defeated by a landslide, try to see that we are not afraid of it and will eventually defeat our opponents.

9. Use shields, anything can be used!:

Once again, like that presented above, the shield is very important. You can use anything as a shield. You can use the bag, a book or a piece of wood or other benda2 that we find on the street. You can also use your arms to hold anything. Maybe it will feel a bit sore but it will be better than our heads hit a severe blow. so very easy if we has known about defend solution with self defend techniques for men
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